Beyond Coding Episode #101

Q&A #3: Personal Development, Podcast Goals & More with Patrick Akil

Xebia Wave Long Background


We're back with another Q&A episode!

Tons of great questions and a very special guest jumps in here and there as well!

The man with many names, my friend and producer: Roald Willemsen



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Big shoutout to
Xebia for making this episode possible!


00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:47 – If you could start your career over what would you do differently?
00:05:00 – How valuable did you find the podcast in terms of personal development and giving back to the community?
00:05:07 – Personal Development
00:10:07 – Giving back to the community
00:11:49 – What’s next for the podcast?
00:13:05 – Patrick Akil Podcast
00:14:55 – Are you a native English speaker?
00:17:33 – How much do you work remote and how much do you go to the office?
00:20:31 – If you couldn’t do the podcast anymore what would you do?
00:22:17 – How does a new software engineer make themselves valuable as an employee in this era of AI and machine learning?
00:27:12 – As a software engineer, what is the one thing you'll never actually want to do?
00:29:23 – Who or what has inspired you in your career?
00:33:53 – How would your 10 year old self react to what you are doing now?
00:35:14 – What do you remember most about your first job?
00:43:53 – Outro