Hackathons, Startups and Data Science with Krish Naik - 61

Hackathons, Startups and Data Science with Krish Naik

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What’s better than Online Hackathons? In-person Hackathons!

Krish Naik shares how he’s been organising 24 hour long in-person hackathons together with iNeuron.ai. It’s a way to engage with the community and stimulate learning and growth. Additionally, it has been an effective way to hire.

More of the topics we cover this episode, in order
☑️ The Joys of Physical Hackathons
☑️ Education should be Affordable and of High Quality
☑️ How iNeuron.ai has grown to where it is now
☑️ The Benefit of learning early-stage Technologies
☑️ The difference between Data Science and Data Engineering


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