Beyond Coding Episode #60

Empathy Driven Software Development with Andrea Goulet

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Empathy is software skill.

It might sound strange, but after my conversation with Andrea Goulet I strongly believe that’s the case. She explains how trust is the foundation of not only great software, but also great engineering teams. How do we build trust? Through empathy, and Andrea lays out some great practical examples of how it benefits everyone.

More of the topics we cover this episode, in order

☑️ Research Focussed Approach on Empathy
☑️ The importance of Trust and Vulnerability
☑️ The Four Components of Empathy
☑️ Legacy Code drives your business
☑️ Empathy is a Skill



More on Andrea Goulet:

Andrea is currently working on her book: Empathy Driven Software Development Published by Pearson.
Looking forward to that in 2023!


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