Self-Worth, Salary and Mindset with Tobi Oluwole - 62

Self-Worth, Salary and Mindset with Tobi Oluwole

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Xebia Wave Long Background


I had a blast talking to Tobi Oluwole on self-worth, salary and mindset. What really stuck with me is that breaking limits can become more and more common.

Because most of the time, when you think you’ve reached a ceiling, be it your growth, or your income, there’s no actual ceiling.

The only ceiling that’s there is the one you put there yourself.

Background, expectations, scepticism etc. can all contribute in creating this fictional ceiling.

But since you created it in the first place, you can also remove or break through it.

You’re in control after all!

More of the topics we cover this episode, in order

☑️ Understanding your Skills are Value
☑️ Being the Exception
☑️ Breaking the Salary Sharing Taboo
☑️ Changing your Perspective
☑️ Communicating your value


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