Beyond Coding Episode #77

Tech Startups, SaaS and Funding with Denise Edwards

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Denise Edwards comes on to share how to find the right team, the right product, scale correctly, get funding and much more.

If you’ve ever had thoughts of starting your own business like me, I’m sure you will love this episode.




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Big shoutout to Xebia for making this episode possible!


00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:36 – Giving presentations and growing
00:04:16 – From sales to owning a business
00:11:35 – Why B2B SaaS startups?
00:14:49 – How to find co-founders
00:17:58 – Hiring and forming a team
00:24:52 – When to stop building and start selling
00:27:48 – Incorporating feedback and fixing bugs
00:30:26 – Getting your first customers
00:33:14 – Why 90% of startups fail
00:35:48 – Falling in love with your own ideas
00:42:36 – How to scale your solution
00:48:24 – Hire just before it becomes a problem
00:52:16 – How to get funding
00:56:54 – Unnecessary spending in a startup
00:59:12 – Pitching to investors and who pitches?
01:04:37 – Don’t be afraid to get help