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LLM, MLOps, and making your data AI-ready: our Xebia Data Q1 initiatives

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We Are the Knowledge We Share

Everyone is fascinated by AI and the feats it can perform. AI models can do everything from penning essays to choosing the best flight for you. But these models are as good as the knowledge we train them on, and humans are no different.  

At Xebia, we want to give you the best insights into data and AI so you can integrate them into your life and your company. Sharing our knowledge isn’t just a key value for us; it’s something we’re passionate about.  

We share our knowledge in internal exchange sessions and conferences. We share it through blog posts and books. We share it in formal dinners and conversations over a cup of coffee. We share it through fancy videos and doodles on a piece of paper.  

We bring you here the most remarkable insights about data and AI we’ve shared during the last quarter, in particular: 

  • The latest news about Large Language Models: our events at the Eindhoven Data Community, Princess Máxima, and Gemini, and new blogs by Jeroen and Jetze. 
  • Jeroen and Yke’s contribution to the MLOps discussion at Pycon Bratislava. Keep your eyes peeled for our coming whitepaper on the matter.  
  • Our contributions to making data AI-ready. Check out Padraic, Dumky, Cor, and Juan’s sessions and the blogs by Timo, Thom, and Rogier.  

We have much, much more. Scroll down for the full list! 

Knowledge Sharing Activities

Analytics Engineering meetup

Our Analytics Engineers organized the 10th edition of the Analytics Engineering meetup. Thomas van Latum delivered a talk titled, “Data Fortification: Safeguarding sensitive insights in data development.”

Data Academy meetup

Rozaliya Khafizova and Lucy Sheppard have started the Data Academy meetup—a group dedicated to exploring the world of data through Python, SQL, PANDAS, Tableau, recommender systems, Docker, Apache Spark, Kubernetes, Power BI, Data Analytics Apps, Azure SQL Database, MLOps, and more.

Eindhoven Data Community meetup

Diederik Greveling delivered a talk titled, “How to bring your GenAI applications into production: moving from MLOps to LLMOPs” at the Eindhoven Data Community meetup.

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Hamilton as a Feature Catalog

Roel Bertens was a guest speaker at the Hamilton Global User Group’s March meetup, covering “Hamilton as a Feature Catalog.”

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Jeroen Overschie and Yke Rusticus shined at PyCon in Bratislava by giving an MLOPs workshop titled, “How to MLOps: Experiment tracking & deployment.”

Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit

Pádraic Slattery, Ph.D. gave a webinar on Self-serve orchestration of dbt in a Data Mesh at the Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit.

Princess Máxima hackathon

Sander van Donkelaar gave a talk at Google HQ for the Princess Máxima hackathon, with a presentation on Bringing your GenAI apps into production. The focus of the event was to share how to embed the power of gen AI in your organization, and it benefited The Princess Máxima Center and the goal to “aid genomic research, refine hospital operations, and enhance the quality of life for patients and their families.”

Superweek Analytics

Dumky de Wilde presented a talk titled “Data Ingestion Pipelines Without Headaches” at Superweek Analytics in Hungary.


Erdem Başeğmez spoke at the Google-hosted Geminight in Belgium about the possibilities and challenges of building LLM-driven applications. This event focuses on unlocking the power of LLMs in enterprises using Google Cloud.

Databricks’ user group

Cor Zuurmond presented a talk at the Databricks’ user group in Zürich about configuring Unity Catalog with YML configuration files through Terraform.

Superweek Analytics

Rogier van der Geer was a panelist at The Future of Travel Recommendations webinar where an interactive discussion was held about how to navigate future challenges, opportunities, and risks of recommendation engines.

Select Star webinar

Juan Manuel Perafan talked with the CEO of Select Star, Shinji Kim, on LinkedIn about the fundamentals of analytics engineering and data governance that all analytics engineering teams need to consider.

Xebia Blog Contributions

RAG on GCP: production-ready GenAI on Google Cloud Platform

Jeroen Overschie explains how to unlock the power of Google Cloud’s managed services for efficient, real-time RAG applications with reduced hallucinations.

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Deploy a custom Docker image on Azure ML using a blue-green deployment with Python

This post by Timo Uelen shows how to deploy a custom Docker image on Azure ML using a blue-green deployment strategy with Python, while ensuring no downtime and seamless updates.

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Introducing pydargs

Rogier van der Geer provides an introduction to Pydargs, a Python tool enhancing configuration management in projects by integrating dataclass-based argument parsing for streamlined, error-free setups.

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LLM Fine-tuning Challenge at NeurIPS

Jetze Schuurmans and Jasper Ginn share their approach to a challenge presented at NeurIPS to efficiently fine-tune open-source LLM models on public datasets.

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What happens when you mess up data modeling?

Thom van Engelenburg shows the risks of poor data modeling practices, revealing how inadequate strategies can inflate costs, delay insights, and complicate data governance.

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Until Next Quarter

As you can see, Q1 2024 was a busy and exciting period of knowledge sharing from our Data & AI team at Xebia. From insightful events to informative blog posts, we continue to drive innovation in data and AI. Stay tuned for more awesome updates in the coming quarters!