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What are guilds?

Growth and knowledge sharing is written in our DNA, so it’s no wonder that we manage to form such a tight-knit community.  Guilds are groups of people who have a desire to exchange experiences, share knowledge and learn together in a specific technology or business field. It is a bottom-up initiative, coordinated by employees, which puts the main emphasis on the exchange of project experience, meetings in the form of workshops and testing new technologies.

As experts, we want to deliver projects of the best quality, which is why we associate in groups of people operating in the same technologies. We want to increase our knowledge and skills through the exchange of experiences.

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What rules govern guilds?

A guild arises as a result of its own initiative and implements its ideas under the supervision of a coordinator. Each guild has a quarterly budget at its disposal. We place great emphasis on the development and building of communities. All guild events are open to the public and can be attended by any employee within a quarterly pool of hours to participate in guild initiatives. This is additional development time that does not lower the individual development budget in Xebia.

As for now we have active 20 guilds operating in our organization. Employees, for example, can join Solutions Architects, Frontend or QA guilds. Except from that, there are guilds focused on specific technologies, such as Python, Java or Node.js.

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Some of the Guilds operating in Xebia Poland

757 people took part in guild activities in 1-2Q2023
5228 hours were spent on guild activities in 1-2Q2023

We have a very cool initiative. One of the more famous initiatives is our little All .NET conference. There are also initiatives aimed at expanding knowledge and competence. For example, we have a Dev Discussion workshop where we talk about various technical topics.

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Development is a key

This is how our experts grow

We create an environment that promotes development available for everyone. Every employee gets an individual development budget and the tools to develop their talents. We support the nurturing of both technical skills, as well as soft skills.
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What are Guilds?

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How to become part of our team

Joining us is straighforward and includes only four steps:
resume review – HR call – interview – decision.

And according to the candidates, the hiring process is not only candid, but also pleasant.

What our candidates appreciate most is the friendly atmosphere, the good feedback, and the swift (but not rushed) speed of the entire process. For technical positions, candidates also like the quality of the technical interviews.

Importantly, we treat each other with respect. If you join us, there is no trial period. You have access to our full range of benefits from day one.