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What is Learning & Development about?

One of the core values at Xebia is knowledge sharing. We actively support each other in the pursuit of personal growth and development of our own skills – both technical and soft skills. Values at Xebia are not empty words! We are serious about realizing them, which is why the Learning & Development program was created, offering a many possibilities of development in business, leadership, mentoring and technological matters.

The goal of Learning & Development project is to make sure that everyone who needs it has the space to strengthen their existing knowledge and enrich their portfolio with further skills needed for future projects.

With us, everyone can develop as they wish, whether they have just joined the Xebia team or have been working with us for years. The offer is so wide that practically every employee will find something for themselves. It includes both technology training based on an upskilling program and internal training that develops soft skills.

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Leadership training

The role of a leader is one path of development in Xebia. In order to prepare well for new challenges, we conduct multi-stage training for Managers, Team Leaders, Tech Leaders and Test Leaders. We develop skills related to team management, communication skills, as well as transfer internal know-how and proprietary tools (e.g., competence matrices) for cooperation with teams.

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Business training

Technological knowledge is not the be-all-and-end-all. We have a business training package for our employees to enable them to develop soft skills. Thanks to them, employees can develop their business awareness, communication and analytical skills to foster better understanding of customer needs and the challenges resulting from cooperation. Business trainers who work on a daily basis, for example, as Delivery Managers are involved in the training. We focus on first-hand knowledge and practical experience resulting from years of working with foreign clients.

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General development training

In addition to business and technical training, our employees have the opportunity to develop soft skills. L&D offers training in the topics of assertiveness, managing stress, conflict management, development of negotiation skills, internal motivation. Trainings have a practical form and are held in small groups taking care of a safe atmosphere for participants. Part of the training has the form of processes and cyclical meetings, all training is enriched with exercises and interesting cases. The offer is constantly growing.

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Individual support

We also run individual development programs based on coaching, mentoring or analysing case studies related to the work of a manager.

We are a company focused on development, full of people who want to develop, and the task of the Learning & Development department is to enable them to do so. We are constantly modifying and expanding our offer based on feedback from our employees.

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More than 1000 people trained in 2023
98% of participants recommend our trainings to others
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What is Leadership Training

Development is a key

This is how our experts grow

We create an environment that promotes development available for everyone. Every employee gets an individual development budget and the tools to develop their talents. We support the nurturing of both technical skills, as well as soft skills.
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Workshops for Team Leaders

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How to become part of our team

Joining us is straighforward and includes only four steps:
resume review – HR call – interview – decision.

And according to the candidates, the hiring process is not only candid, but also pleasant.

What our candidates appreciate most is the friendly atmosphere, the good feedback, and the swift (but not rushed) speed of the entire process. For technical positions, candidates also like the quality of the technical interviews.

Importantly, we treat each other with respect. If you join us, there is no trial period. You have access to our full range of benefits from day one.