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Personal development budget

PLN 6,800 annually for each employee

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What is Development Budget?

Every Xebia employee receives an annual development budget of PLN 6,800. You can spend the budget both internally – for training and mentoring programs organized by Xebia – and externally – for any form of training available on the market – like courses, certificates or even studies.

The budget can be allocated not only for conferences or language courses. We wanted to provide an in-house, wide array of attractive trainings, easily accessible to our employees. This is how Learning & Development was created, i.e. a range of trainings in soft, business, and technical skills to choose from.

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How does it all work?

The budget serves the purpose of acquiring new skills and deepening one’s technical or business interests. In addition to the budget, we give our employees a chance to receive certificates that meet the company’s current needs (including AWS, Azure, Apache Kafka, ISTQB, Professional Scrum Master), attend the guild meetings or courses on O’Reilly or Udemy platforms. Individual and group obligatory trainings taking place as part of our Learning & Development offer (e.g. working in Scrum, cooperation with the client, getting used to the role of Tech Leader, etc.) are also off-budget.

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A personal development budget is based on simple and transparent rules. Each employee receives annually up to PLN 6,800 as a development budget. Part of this amount can also be exchanged for days off to go for a conference or attend a training during working hours.

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How can you spent your 6,800 PLN development budget?

6,800 PLN annually for each employee
56.6% of employees have used their budget in 2023
Development is a key

This is how our experts grow

We create an environment that promotes development available for everyone. Every employee gets an individual development budget and the tools to develop their talents. We support the nurturing of both technical skills, as well as soft skills.
Reach the next milestone in your professional journey with Xebia.

How to become part of our team

Joining us is straighforward and includes only four steps:
resume review – HR call – interview – decision.

And according to the candidates, the hiring process is not only candid, but also pleasant.

What our candidates appreciate most is the friendly atmosphere, the good feedback, and the swift (but not rushed) speed of the entire process. For technical positions, candidates also like the quality of the technical interviews.

Importantly, we treat each other with respect. If you join us, there is no trial period. You have access to our full range of benefits from day one.