Why choose an Xpirit Managed Landing Zone?

26 Apr, 2022
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To come straight to the point: to ensure a smooth and short migration path to the cloud. The Landing Zones of the provides a solid foundation with a complete set of generic functionality for moving your services, applications and data into the cloud within a matter of weeks. And if you choose an Xpirit Managed Landing Zone, we take care of ownership and maintenance tasks, allowing you to focus on your core business. Moreover, we will make sure your system is always up to date by implementing new features as soon as they become available. What sets us apart is our intimate service provision with direct contact with the right expert, combined with our extensive experience and expertise in the domain of the Microsoft platform.

Hub Spoke Model

Inspired by the aerospace industry, Microsoft uses the Hub and Spoke model as an architecture for its platform. Individual applications run in spokes, each with a domain-specific workload, while the hub provides generic services such as connectivity to the cloud and proven security features. Each spoke application communicates via the Hub to communicate with other applications. Naturally, the model pays extra attention to security with features that comply with ISO 27001, Azure Security Benchmarks, and CIS.

Check from my colleague Erwin Staal for more information on the concept of a landing zone.

Comprehensive services with an ultra-short migration timeframe
We use a swift combination of the re-host and re-architecture cloud rationalizations – which are part of the Cloud Adoption Framework – for moving logical components from a data center to the Hub and Spoke model. A basic application can be up and running in a spoke within three weeks, which means that a swift startup is possible using the generic features of the high-performance hub architecture. And if you have any specific needs requiring more specialized functionality or support for your applications, we can still support you all the way. After the re-host and re-architecture phase is completed, we can look at the other R’s of cloud rationalization to improve the application. In addition to managing the hub, we can also manage a spoke application and help you improve your application.

Intimate service provision through a single point of contact
Traditional service provision is structured in terms of first and second-degree support lines. Usually, you won’t get to speak to an engineer directly when you create your ticket but will receive automated responses. This means you often have to wait to speak to a service team member who may not be completely aware of your specific situation. Our team wanted to innovate this approach and create a much more intimate form of service provision by making our Landing Zone engineers directly available to support our customers.

The Xpirit Managed Landing Zones team consists of knowledgeable Landing Zone experts with years of experience in enabling and supporting cloud migrations, as well as consultancy, coding for specialized architectures, and advanced interfaces. You communicate directly with the right engineer, who can always rely on the know-how of our entire Xpirit team, should this be required. What’s more, our service is available 24/7: we have the most qualified expert ready to help you during business hours, and we have direct operation support on standby at night. As a result of the single point of contact and the short communication lines, you reap the benefit of faster troubleshooting.

Guaranteed response times
Following a short but thorough intake process, you receive a transparent service-level agreement, including guaranteed response and recovery times for any incidents. We align our service levels to the severity of a possible incident, varying from incidents that would mean a discontinuation of your business, to the lesser impact that slows down a service, to less urgent issues. The organization of our service team allows us to meet the agreed response times on a 24/7 basis.

To continuously improve our support system, we use a net promotor system to regularly assess the experiences of our clients, as well as monthly meetings with our clients and their service managers.

Sustainable problem solving
Thorough engineering will improve your experience with the platform. A defining feature of our service is our policy of preventing recurring incidents and avoiding temporary workarounds and patches. We perform a post-mortem for every incident by thoroughly investigating the root cause of a problem and finding a sustainable solution. This approach of problem-solving and properly fixing anomalies instead of quick patching will save time in the end.

Our extensive set of automated tools with a variety of validations and alerts often allows us to predict and be ahead of any problems before they actually occur. For instance, we use the Azure Monitor to continuously monitor the used components within your Azure tenant, allowing us to take preventative measures before any workload or congestion problems occur. Moreover, thanks to Xpirit’s close collaboration with Microsoft we have direct and short contact lines with their team of cloud engineers.

Get started with Landing Zones

Are you preparing for your cloud migration? Get started with our workshop Landing Zone in a Day. After taking the workshop, your team fully understands the concept of a landing zone, and they will be able to build, implement and maintain their own landing zone.

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