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03 Jun, 2021
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Xpirit is the authority on Microsoft consulting, ranging from DevOps and Cloud to management consultancy and cloud-native software development. However, our customers wanted more – more help from a great team of Microsoft experts in every part of the lifecycle, be it advice, building or maintaining.

To satisfy this need, we started with a new label Xpirit Managed Services which started on 1 January 2021. At Xpirit Managed Services, we believe that the existing managed services industry is about to be changed radically. Xpirit Managed Services is one of the companies that is leading this change.

For example, instead of focusing on maximized SLA percentiles, we focus on SLA percentiles that are as low as we can afford. The lower the SLA, the more room there is for the teams to experiment, fail-fast, and innovate. This is in line with what the industry is accelerating towards, as we move towards a lean organization by embracing cloud, agile and DevOps. We believe that our managed services proposition is an enabler for your organization, not a blocker. Hence the name, Xpirit Managed Services.

All the cloud experience from our consulting label allowed us to create a product that enables our customers safely inside the cloud. This is ideal when you are migrating, or when you want to restructure your cloud usage. Our Azure landing zone provides a safe place to land your workloads in the cloud. We offer a fully compliant and secure Azure in a box solution, with CI/CD pipelines, four-eyes approval, cloud native resources, monitoring options, etc.  And it goes without saying that our Xpirit Managed also provides support. We have multiple, specialized solutions ranging from Government, Education, Data&AI and Business applications.

In short, we want your DevOps teams to have full control by embracing DevOps, cloud and SRE, together with all the experience from our customers that allow us to build suitable products. We are very happy to have already onboarded several customers and we are off to a good start. We would love to talk with you if this article has peeked your interest.


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