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30 Mar, 2021
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At Xpirit, we encourage growth. As a business, we are growing by adding new services to our portfolio – enabled by our people, who continuously grow as they investigate and seize opportunities. In this article, we talk to Marc Bruins, who was a Cloud Architect but is now CTO of our brand-new label: Xpirit Managed Services. He is thrilled to share what that entails and what it can mean for your business.

Do the things that give you the most energy

As of 2021, Marc Bruins is the CTO of Xpirit’s new Managed Services label. How did that move come about? "Before starting this new job, I was a Cloud Architect. A consultancy role at Xpirit that I really enjoyed. When I was in between assignments, I teamed up with Rob (Bos, ALM & DevOps Consultant) and Immanuel (Kranendonk, COO) to explore how we could do managed services differently," Marc explains. "Throughout my next assignment, I stayed involved in shaping the proposition and noticed that this sense of entrepreneurship gave me a lot of energy. Marcel, CTO at Xpirit, recognized this and with his famous words ‘Make it happen!’ he encouraged me to further elaborate on this concept and launch a new label."

 "At Xpirit, anything is possible. Of course, there has to be a business case, and it has to be viable. We test this together. But, you always receive a lot of support, like I did from Marcel, and are not held back in any way." – Marc Bruins, CTO Xpirit Managed Services.

A unique combination: managed services and DevOps

DevOps is penetrating the IT landscape, yet the innovation of managed services is lagging. Xpirit wants to lead the way by demonstrating that taking a DevOps approach brings more value to companies. Marc adds: "We manage our customers’ IT in a non-traditional way by including DevOps engineers. If something breaks, we fix it directly and make sure it doesn’t happen again. We also challenge companies on cloud choices, cloud-native applications, and the importance of reliability."

Going the extra mile

Combining DevOps and managed services is unique, and Marc understands that people may need some time to get used to this. "To explain it in simple terms. We will work on the codebase from a reliability perspective, continuously improve your infrastructure, observe and act upon systems outages and we do this by taking a DevOps SRE approach.”

"For TAQA, we built a business-critical system to manage gas circulation that needs to be up and running 24/7. We provide support, maintain the system, adapt to changing requirements, and build new features to ensure constant innovation. That’s how Xpirit Managed Services goes the extra mile." – Marc Bruins, CTO Xpirit DevOps Services.

Finding a balance

With the introduction of ‘Xpirit Managed Services,’ Marc aims to do more than keep IT up and running. He explains: "Our goal is not to solve tickets quickly. We want to proactively and structurally improve IT to elevate the customer experience. To do so, we always look for ways to create the right balance between reliability and innovation, together with our clients.”

Are you keen to explore and want to know more about our new label Managed Services? We are more than happy to share our experience with you. Leave us a  or contact Max by +31 6 13468002.



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