White paper: The big data revolution

18 Apr, 2011
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Today, Xebia published a white paper on NoSQL and Big Data crunching. This white paper presents a introduction on NoSQL and big data crunching along with a case study that was carried out at one of Xebia’s customers. Read more for the outline and full text…

Get the full white paper here: White paper the big data revolution
Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about the “NoSQL movement”, a collection of related technologies mostly concerned with storing and processing large amounts of data. Although these technologies initially emerged from large web companies and social networking companies that have to deal with huge amounts of data on a daily basis, they are also becoming more relevant and interesting for enterprises.
There are essentially three reasons for this:

  • The volume of data that organizations gather has grown explosively in recent years;
  • When dealing with large data volumes, several NoSQL technologies can be more cost effective than existing proprietary solutions;
  • Some NoSQL technologies are better suited for large-scale data mining and business intelligence than the traditional relational databases that are widely used today.

In order to understand the advantages of NoSQL, we need to examine what these technologies do and how they solve problems differently than the traditional data storage and processing solutions. Read the full white paper for more insights.
Also, if you are a IT decision maker who is not afraid of the future, check out our Big Data Seminar (Dutch only).


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