What’s the best Planning Poker tool in Zoom? or Teams?

28 Dec, 2020

During the lockdown, we do Planning Poker in Zoom or Teams. We admit it has nothing to do with real poker but it’s a great activity for your team while waiting for the restaurants and casinos to reopen after the lockdowns. By now you probably wonder which tool can you use the best to collaboratively determine our estimates? Which facilitates the best interaction in your Scrum team? Read on, because we have all the answers! 

Why you should you keep doing Planning Poker?

You’d like to keep doing this, because this Refinement practice naturally raises:

1. The team’s awareness of what work is expected and get clarification.
2. Knowledge and tactics will be shared
3. Assumptions will become clear
4. Negotiation with the Product Owner will occur to keep it small AND valuable

More about why estimates work: Read this book Agile Estimating and Planning by Mike Cohn.

Which Planning Poker tool to use online in Zoom? or Teams?

What’s the best Planning Poker tool would you use in Zoom or Teams? I had a discussion with my Agile coach colleagues within Xebia. We agree analog cards trumps any online tool. Why?

A. First, analog cards are easily made available to anyone. So, no firewall to jump over. And no licenses needed. No security compliance issue. Just create them!

B. Secondly, each team member could create the card deck themselves. As a consequence this fosters ownership. Some will introduce some fun and/or improvement. Especially, if you encourage any team member, to introduce an extra card. For example, ‘time for a break’ or ‘we try to estimate too soon’.

C. Most importantly, it will naturally enforces any team member to put the camera on. Raising opportunities to spot non-verbal signals of anyone. That’s great!

This together comes close to mirror the office situation. And as an advantage, the screen sharer doesn’t need to switch applications all the time.

See my deck of cards. Easily made of some thick paper and a fat black marker, for instance.

You can use these planning Poker cards in any Zoom or Teams meeting. A low-tech solution facilitating great interaction!

Any questions? Raise them below!

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