Opening up some training material

05 Sep, 2018
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What are our trainings like? People interested in the program often have to "just" believe us. Now they can believe us a little less as we’re opening up some chapters from our curriculum!

By heading to this page you will be able to find excerpt from three courses:

On top of that we have the material for the from Zero to Python slides, which are used when the audience is particularly inexperienced in all things Python.

Is this the only material we’ll put out in the open? It depends if you find this useful. We still believe the best part of the trainings is the direct access to trainers who use the tools, techniques, and methods presented every day, in real-life, in production workloads.

When I train people about the topics I’m an expert in, I will often end up talking more about what’s not on the slides instead of what’s on the slides. This is because questions coming from the students spark discussions that goes beyond the material. And everyone finds those discussions, tricks, and traps worth. The value of our training offer is therefore not limited to the slides!


Should we be more open? Or are we fools for doing so? Let me know, I’m gglanzani on Twitter!


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