Google Calendar Improves Appointment Slots and Booking Calendars

11 Apr, 2024
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Since last year, Google Workspace enables you to create a booking page with appointment units in your Google Calendar. Through booking pages, others can schedule time with you as you deem fitting. At that time, it already embodied a lot of the functionality of other third party tooling, such as Calendly.

Google has now further expanded this functionality.

For example, you can add up to 20 co-hosts to a planned appointment in your booking page. These co-hosts also receive an email when someone books an appointment, so that they are well informed of the planned appointment.



In addition, you can now also create booking pages in secondary calendars. Think of a team agenda. Any conflicts in that secondary calendar will be taken into account as well (if you wish) so that when someone books a slot, it cannot create a conflict with existing meetings in that calendar.
Note: If you use your secondary calendar as a booking calendar, this functionality does not take into account the availability or conflicts in/with your primary calendar!


Finally, you can now also indicate that the booking functionality should not take the existing meetings in your agenda into account when planning new ones. This way you allow meetings booked through the booking page to always be planned, even if there are conflicts. Handy if, for example, you work with customers and want to give meetings with them the highest priority!

Jonas Aerts
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