Three new Google Features in Google Drive and Sheets

08 Sep, 2023
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The start of the new school year is often a busy period. Take advantage of these three time-saving updates in Google Drive and Google Sheets.

New Menu Layout in Google Drive

This year, we already got a fresh look for Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. In line with this, the right-click menu for files and folders has also undergone a makeover.

The menu’s functionality remains unchanged, but you will notice that menu items have been given new names, are rearranged, and sometimes grouped into submenus.

Create Dropdown Menus in Google Sheets with Existing Data

When you select a range of cells with existing data and add a dropdown menu, the data will automatically be included as options in the dropdown. As always, you can make changes and apply formatting through the sidebar.

Learn more about creating dropdown menus in Google Sheets here.

Bulk Conversion of Location Chips in Google Sheets

In addition to chips for people, documents, and calendar appointments, Google also offers chips that make it easy to add Google Maps locations to your spreadsheets. With these location chips, you can preview the location and get directions.

Do you already have a spreadsheet with a long list of direct links to Google Maps locations? From now on, you can convert them all into location chips with just one click.

Discover more about adding smart chips to your Google spreadsheets here.


We wish you a good start of the new season. Hopefully, the above tips will help you get back into a productive and efficient work flow!

Glenn van Hoof
Although a true technology aficionado, Glenn always prioritises the human factor in the equation. With years of experience in the digital services industry working for companies from a broad variety of industries and of different sizes, he aims to find the solution best suited for the specific environment, end user and situation. When not in consultancy mode he acts as vice-president of the fan club of his two kids (with the president being their mom obviously). And if time permits you may find him on a football pitch or together with his friends enjoying good food, drinks and company.

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