Electronic Signing now Available for Google!

08 Sep, 2023
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In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, electronic signatures have become the new norm for handling official documents, including essential contracts. However, the convenience of this modern necessity often comes with a price tag, as many turn to costly third-party solutions. But what if we shared some exciting news from Google that’s set to transform the way we sign documents online? Get ready because this announcement is bound to bring some practical changes to your document signing process!

Introducing: eSignature in Google Docs!

Currently, Google is rolling out a fully integrated solution for electronic signing in Google Docs. With this solution you will be able to:

  • Send signing requests, check the status of ongoing documents, and find completed contracts;
  • Sign official contracts directly from Google Drive, without having to switch to another app or even another tab;
  • Create a new copy of the contract for each request, so you can use the document as a template and start multiple signing requests simultaneously.



And there’s more good news! Later this year, the functionality will be further expanded:

  • You can request e-signatures from multiple users;
  • You can request e-signatures from non-Google users;
  • You can initiate e-signature requests for PDF files in Google Drive;
  • All completed contracts will automatically include an audit report.

Although this update is not yet generally available, Google Workspace customers can sign up for the beta version through this form. This will give you immediate access to another useful update that allows you to create email templates in Gmail.

Do you want to learn more about electronic signing in Google Docs right now? Read more about it here.


Ernst-Jan van Gils
From his role as a change consultant, Ernst-Jan likes to help individuals and teams with the cloud-first workplace. Human change in IT projects is often underestimated. It is not the organization that changes, but the people in the organization that change. It is therefore important to optimally support the people in the organization in change processes.

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