Refreshed Interface for your Daily Google Workspace Applications

18 Apr, 2023
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Do you notice something different in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, or Slides? That may be right!

Google Workspace just gave all these apps a new look. Well, new isn’t quite true either. Last year, Google already introduced this design in Gmail. And now it has been extended further. This way you get one streamlined experience throughout your Google Workspace environment.

In addition to a fresh look, this update is mainly about improving ease of use. So the interface doesn’t just look nicer. The innovations also really contribute to smoother cooperation.

But… What has changed then?

In Google Docs, Sheets and Slides you should not immediately expect major changes in terms of new functionalities and options. The interface has been simplified and made clearer, so you can find everything faster. Subtle visual updates and changes in color use make some important elements stand out more clearly. Such as the toolbar at the top and the comments you make in the document.

A novelty is the clock icon at the top right. This shows when the document was last edited. And with one click, it takes you to the Version History of the document.


Google Workspace Interface 2023 - 1


In Google Drive, the redesign also brings functional improvements in addition to the modern look. Let’s summarize the most important ones:

  1. Extra buttons appear as soon as you place your cursor on a folder or document. These give you quick access to common actions like share, download, rename and star ⭐️Google Workspace Interface 2023 - 2
  2. The new checkboxes make it more convenient to select multiple items and perform bulk actions such as deleting documents.Google Workspace Interface 2023 - 3
  3. The new search chips such as File type, oPeople and Last modified help you find your documents even faster.Google Workspace Interface 2023 - 4

We know… People generally don’t like changes, but we do hope that every change Google Workspace makes will help you in making your work more fun and easy!

Jonas Aerts
Jonas is passionate about simplifying the world. Getting things done is what he lives by and making it fun along the way is his daily goal. Jonas strives to offer an easier, better manageable, safer, more flexible Cloud-First Workplace and sees Google as an integral part of that mission. When not working, Jonas takes care of his daughter or looks up football news, his guilty pleasure. He loves to learn about different cultures, languages and opinions and likes to challenge the way he perceives the world. Therefore: travel is a priority in his life!

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