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The necessity of learning journeys

We have all heard about the skills gap. We know that to meet complex and fast-changing business demands, tech teams need to stay current with an ever-expanding universe of technologies. But we also know there is no one-size-fits-all solution; every team and every business is unique.

Without guidance in the form of a learning path or journey, it can be challenging to invest time and resources in finding an optimal course for your professional development. You know you need courses that are relevant to your job and aligned with your organization’s business objectives. But it is far more tempting to just follow the latest buzz or to even ignore the relevance of the various courses and training for your personal upskilling.

Such an ad-hoc approach of continuous professional development creates various issues, such as problematic progress tracking and gap measurement. Learning Journeys address these problems.

Xebia helps you and your team to gain all the necessary skills and a competitive edge, through expert-led learning paths and training programs, data, and insights on capabilities. And perhaps the most powerful tool of all: we connect you and your team with a global community of like-minded engineers and developers!

From training to the optimal career path

Our learning journeys are designed to strike the perfect balance between gathering academic knowledge and the intensity of a boot camp. These ingredients are blended into a training format that fits each person’s preferred style of learning. We teach you all the necessary theory to be an expert on the baselines and concepts, but we far more focus on applicability and hands-on training to get the job done.
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Benefits of learning journeys

The Learning Journeys are designed to overcome the drawbacks of working independently with little guidance:

  • Applicability is high. Our Learning Journeys are developed by expert consultants with vast working experience in the field, to ensure relevance to the participant’s role and business needs.
  • Learned material is applied and tested in practice through use cases and workshops. Examples: An aspiring data scientist working on job-relevant use cases, or a Product Owner learning hands-on how to validate new business ideas with potential customers more quickly.
  • Measuring impact on the workforce is much easier since employees follow similar paths. Small variations average out, and a clear picture emerges. 
  • Designed by the business to satisfy current and future needs, Learning Journeys are a valuable investment in individual careers and in the organization as a whole.
  • Current and potential employees can advance their careers through carefully crafted learning paths.

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