Crush Release Time and Eliminate Errors and Downtime.

Standard enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery and DevOps software, providing companies with insights, automation and control to deliver software faster and eliminate downtime.

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Enterprise DevOps and Application Release Automation

XebiaLabs DevOps Platform provides the intelligence, automation, and control that technical and business teams need for Continuous Delivery at enterprise scale. It provides the backbone for DevOps release automation, complements existing tools, and enables full visibility across the entire software delivery process.

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform includes:

XL Impact

Goal-based DevOps Intelligence to optimize software delivery and drive results

XL Release

Orchestrate, automate, and get visibility into release pipelines

XL Deploy

Automate and standardize complex application deployments

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StackState is an Operational Analytics platform that helps you create a zero downtime business.

StackState provides a real-time overview of your entire IT and Business landscape based on a unique unifying model. Business services and processes and all supporting infrastructure, soft- and hardware are included. StackState pulls in data from operational tools you are already working with: monitoring, container management solutions, infra tooling, etc, and comes with an agent to fill the gaps where necessary. There will be no surprises left in your stack! StackState makes sense of large and complex environments.
The platform provides you with:

  • Automated Root Cause Analysis capabilities to reduce MTTR (mean time to repair)
  • Anomaly Detection capabilities to prevent possible disruptions
  • Increase uptime of business services and customer satisfaction by knowing the exact relations to IT in real-time
  • Topologically aware reduction of alert storms
  • Consolidation of existing operational information; topology and telemetry
  • Understanding of the impact of every change in your landscape
  • Real-time large-scale visualization of your IT stack using modern graphics hardware
  • Easy to use scripting environment to automate anything based on all available operational data, batteries included
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Instruqt is an interactive tutorial and demo platform to help you achieve faster product adoption.

The Instruqt platform is able to spin up any product in a sandboxed environment, configured with real data and infrastructure. With the editor, content developers are able to add hands-on challenges. By offering the hands-on challenges to users and validating the solutions, users are taken through the product and its key features step by step. With the guidance of Instruqt and the hands-on challenges, a prospect discovers the true value of a product in minutes instead of weeks.

A subscription on Instruqt provides you with:

  • A private organization to build your own library;
  • A powerful editor: we support any technology on any cloud;
  • Insights in your users maturity;
  • Lead conversion: to convert open source users to enterprise customers;
  • Lead conversion: Product or feature upsell;
  • Interactive online challenges for training purposes and knowledge sharing.
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