Getting Creative: Virtual Innovation Day at Xebia US

23 Apr, 2024
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On Friday, April 19th, we held our US-wide Innovation Day at Xebia, and it was a blast! 🎉 Even though we’re a remote company scattered across the US, that didn’t stop us from unleashing our creativity and embracing all things innovative.

So, what’s Innovation Day all about? Well, it’s basically our chance to let loose and get experimental. Whether you’re into tech, processes, or just learning something new, this is the day to do it. And let me tell you, our team brought their A-game. At the heart of it, Innovation Day is all about living up to our Authority mission—to lead the way and shake things up in our industry.  From wild ideas to practical solutions, our team showed that innovation knows no bounds.

Now, being remote didn’t hold us back one bit. Thanks to technology, we were able to connect, collaborate, and brainstorm ideas like we were all in the same room. It’s pretty cool how tech can bring us together, isn’t it?

But here’s the best part: one of our values of Sharing Knowledge was on full display during Innovation Day. Whether it was through workshops, presentations, or just chatting over Teams, we made sure everyone had a chance to share their insights and learn from each other. And let’s not forget about our most important asset: our people. Putting People First is what we’re all about, and Innovation Day was no exception. It’s about empowering each and every team member to bring their ideas to the table, to take risks, and to grow—not just professionally, but personally too.

Some of the projects included:

  • GitHub Migration tooling
  • A schema-management tool that keeps track of the history of schema evolution
  • Automation framework for provisioning and decommissioning Azure and GitHub resources
  • A series of labs for LLMs and how they work with applications
  • Setup and teardown of resources used during bootcamps
  • Delivery Framework standardization using GitHub
  • Innovation Day Tool leveraging Low Code with OutSystems
  • Process improvement around partner funding
  • Learn and experiment with WASI and .NET applications

This was a special Innovation Day for me since we were able to bring together multiple Service Lines across the US, apply what we’ve learned at Xebia Microsoft Services over the past couple of years, and continue our journey to One Xebia.

Innovation never sleeps. So here’s to pushing boundaries, challenging the norm, and continuing this awesome journey together.

Esteban Garcia
Managing Director at Xebia Microsoft Services US and a recognized expert in DevOps, GitHub Advanced Security, and GitHub Copilot. As a Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and Most Valuable Professional (MVP), he leads his team in adopting cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to enhance client services across various industries. Esteemed for his contributions to the tech community, Esteban is a prominent speaker and advocate for innovative software development and security solutions.

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