Beyond Coding Episode #142

Starting a Career in Data Science with Massimiliano Ungheretti

Xebia Wave Long Background


Massi shares his insight and experience in field of Data Science and AI. We discuss how the field has evolved and how you can distinguish yourself, build up your network and grow as fast as possible.

If you’re just starting out as a data scientist, or in the tech field, this episode is for you!



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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:25 – The habit of taking daily walks
00:02:08 – Smokers at work
00:03:33 – Catching baddies at ING
00:06:26 – Being in over your head
00:09:24 – Finding Comfort as a Data Scientist
00:13:22 – What Massi is doing with GenAI at TomTom
00:15:05 – Finding fulfillment in outcomes
00:18:16 – Asking for feedback
00:19:06 – How have Data Science has evolved
00:23:02 – Data Scientist and. other data roles
00:25:20 – Qualifying as Data Scientist
00:26:18 – From meetups to a first Data Science job
00:29:53 – How to distinguish yourself as Data Scientist
00:33:18 – What to put in your portfolio
00:35:21 – Data Science interviews
00:37:57 – Handling rejection from technical interviews
00:41:17 – How to grow as fast as possible
00:46:08 – Feedback that has stuck with Massi
00:47:49 – Way of working as Data Scientists
00:52:28 – Experimenting and managing expectations