Serverless, Microservices, Software Architecture and Food with Yan Cui - 108

Serverless, Microservices, Software Architecture and Food with Yan Cui

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I left in a bit more of the pre-show than usual, let me know if you enjoyed that part. 

AWS Serverless hero (man that's a cool title ), Yan Cui comes on to share his journey with Serverless and take on Microservices done right. We also discuss some interesting articles such as the Amazon Prime Video migration and the article: Why we're leaving the cloud .



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00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:24 – Patrick can't handle cilantro

00:01:06 – Yan's food experience in Venice

00:03:36 – Food culture in China

00:04:50 – Best burger joint in Amsterdam

00:07:11 – Yan misses lamb meals in The Netherlands

00:09:32 – Increased food and energy prices

00:12:09 – Yan is an AWS Serverless Hero

00:16:50 – The AWS re:Invent experience

00:19:01 – Yan's experience with serverless technologies

00:22:47 – Building a social network

00:28:52 – The Prime Video switch from serverless to EC2 and ECS

00:32:13 – Vendor lock-in

00:34:27 – Different types of throughput and spiky traffic

00:39:52 – Shoutout to Ariel

00:42:08 – HEY moving off the cloud

00:44:24 – Misconceptions about micro services

00:48:27 – Starting with micro services

00:52:15 – Experience is what drives people

00:52:59 – Explaining the context

00:56:09 – Cascading failures