Beyond Coding Episode #107

Q&A #4: Passion, Day in the Life, YouTube and Patrick’s NYC trip & More with Patrick Akil

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The more I do these Q&A’s, the more privileged it feels. I get to share my experience, introspect, reminisce, laugh and hopefully add value and perspective.

Thank you for making it possible 🙂


#Q&A nr. 4, counting them




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Full episode on YouTube ▶️

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00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:35 – What do you look for in a guest?

00:02:25 – How do you keep your skills up to date?

00:05:33 – What programming languages do you currently use?

00:06:22 – Balancing work and the podcast

00:08:26 – ChatGPT roasted my work

00:11:11 – From a hobby to part of a job

00:13:40 – Common misconception about software engineering

00:15:08 – Most unexpecting learnings through the podcast

00:17:39 – Paying for podcast guests

00:18:46 – Day in the life when recording an episode

00:20:10 – One of my favourite things

00:24:13 – Memorable feedback and messages

00:27:22 – personal goals

00:31:24 – Gaming and listening to PKA

00:34:23 – Listening to the Joe Rogan Experience

00:35:01 – Patrick’s NYC trip

00:35:58 – Casey Neistat video inspiration

00:37:23 – Nigahiga and Internet Icon

00:38:38 – NYC trip part2

00:41:16 – This was a lot of fun