Beyond Coding Episode #71

Recruiting Tech Talent with Chase Kocher

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We’ve been in an employee’s market for a while now in the tech space.
The demand is far more than the supply when it comes to technical skills.

And I don’t see that changing soon.

Because of this, it can feel quite transactional.
Automated inMails, generic messages and mismatches when it comes to hard skills.

I think recruiters who do their research, tailor-fit, pinpoint why and add a personal touch stand out like no other and add value.
I like how Chase puts it: “If you’re trying to recruit somebody, you should give them a reason why they should talk to you.”

A few of the topics we covered, in order
☑️ How recruiting has changed recently
☑️ The advisory role a recruiter has
☑️ Ensuring culture elevates with new hires
☑️ Facilitating a perfect match
☑️ Holding information hostage


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