Happiness and Self Improvement with Ken Jee - 70

Happiness and Self Improvement with Ken Jee

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Maximising for happiness, instead of maximising for output.
That really stuck with me after my conversation with Ken Jee.

When you maximise for output, you’re on a path that leads to more output, and more output until you burn out. Realising what drives you, what your personal values are and what makes happy will allow you to shift your attention to the things that matter in your life.

Because life is like a pencil that will surely run out. It’s up to you to leave behind your beautiful writing of life.
(Yes, I’m paraphrasing One Piece here)

A few of the topics we covered, in order

☑️ Maximising for Happiness
☑️ Finding purpose and understanding
☑️ Surrounding yourself with like-minded people
☑️ Technology detox

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