Beyond Coding Episode #99

Main vs. Side Hustle, Work Ethic and Leveling Up with Vanessa Sanyauke

Xebia Wave Long Background


What started out as a passion project turned into a full-fledged global organization for Vanessa Sanyauke. She shares how to level up in your career, set realistic expectations and how she started

a side hustle which later became her main hustle.

What really stuck with me is how far hard work and dedication can bring you, but not without sacrifice.




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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:32 – Remote working internationally
00:01:58 – Working from the office
00:02:28 – Raising investment
00:03:14 – Controlling your nerves while pitching
00:03:59 – Minorities and the chance of getting funded
00:04:31 – Day to day Business
00:05:48 – Running a global organisation
00:06:57 – Challenges of running a global organisation
00:09:12 – Remote working vs in-person working
00:10:10 – Building a community
00:13:01 – Ethics around picking your sponsorships
00:15:43 – Building a network
00:17:13 – Companies and networking
00:19:13 – Starting your career
00:22:23 – Talking with people
00:23:23 – Leveling up in your career
00:24:49 – Working for yourself
00:27:31 – Starting a side hustle
00:29:12 – Preventing a burnout
00:33:03 – How to say NO?
00:36:26 – Invest in yourself
00:39:38 – Work ethic
00:44:04 – Outro