Beyond Coding Episode #98

ChatGPT, Research vs. Experience and Teamwork with Forrest Knight

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Forrest Knight shares how his perspective towards ChatGPT has shifted as we discuss the benefits of having AI as a team member, its place in a team, and the tasks that AI can handle.

Next to that we cover the benefits of working in a team in comparison to working on personal projects, the value of creating, and the differences between learning from research and experience.


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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:28 – ChatGPT
00:02:10 – Coding with ChatGPT
00:03:04 – What kind of tool is ChatGPT?
00:09:00 – ChatGPT as Team Member
00:10:08 – AI’s Place in the Team
00:12:35 – Tasks for AI
00:17:07 – Research in Content Creation
00:21:04 – Coding outside of work
00:27:39 – Benefits of working in a team
00:31:19 – Asking for help inside a team
00:36:09 – Scheduling Research
00:41:22 – Working by yourself VS working in a Team
00:43:49 – Changing Workflows
00:48:22 – Research, experience and learning
00:49:27 – The Value of Creating
00:51:59 – Don’t be afraid of AI
00:53:13 – Outro