Don’t bury the waterfall

17 Dec, 2021
TLDR: if you do sprints you might not be actually doing Agile. At the same time, separating your process into development and delivery phases doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it wrong. However, hiding the actual methodology you are practicing under labels may do more harm than good. And if your organization’s development process performs linearly, don’t bury it under the agile elements. 


In modern software-related discourse, “waterfall,” “monolith” and “yearly releases” are synonyms for failure. It seems that, unless you’re doing some variant of agile development (even in name only 😉), you’re doing it wrong.  
So why is that? And is “waterfall” a straight road to disaster as it is so often portrayed?  
To find out, let’s first look at the early years of software development.    Interested in the full story? Read the blog at!

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