Mommy, What is Software Quality?

20 Jul, 2021
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So, what is software quality anyways? Let’s shed some light on some schools of thought.

Three Perspectives on Quality

Conformance to specifications

Suppose we have a predefined list of requirements for a product, and all of these requirements are verified and validated throughout the process of constructing that product. When we are approaching a release, we can simply demonstrate the green check marks as the results of the verification and validation activities and be happy. We see this happening all over the place in certification-oriented businesses, but also e.g. in road construction works. It has to do with regulations and with compliance. This is the way space shuttles are built.

Read the full blog here, and find out the Three Perspectives on (Software) Quality

Viktor Clerc
Empowering companies to deliver high-quality software as COO at Qxperts, part of Xebia.

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