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Datacenter Automation We love to automate and improve your IT infrastructure. Allow us to build your next-gen datacenter!

Our Formula

True DevOps realized
Technologies we use
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We build the next-gen datacenters that allow our customers to benefit enormously from IT, in terms of costs, speed and agility. We love to destroy legacy IT and to replace it with scalable, cost-effective, but also simple platforms. Xebia started its Cargonauts label in 2015 to fully embrace "new IT" from a datacenter automation perspective. Our strive for authority in this domain stimulates to continuously build technical leadership, share our knowledge and expertise in datacenter automation, and to "automate everything" at our various customers. Because we can. And doing this jointly with friends from Google, Docker and HashiCorp makes it even more rewarding.

Success Stories

  • Google
  • Activestate
  • Docker
  • Saltstack
  • Puppetlabs
  • Xebialabs
  • Hashicorp
  • CoreOS
  • ServiceNow
  • ReasonNet
  • KPN
  • ING
  • KLM
  • BOL
  • Wehkamp
  • TNT

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