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Everything from Landing Zones to Streaming Analytics

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Everything from Landing Zones to Streaming Xebia Base brings you a suite of tailored-to-fit platforms you can easily integrate with your data or cloud infrastructures in a matter of days.
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Platforms to Support your Business

Everything from Landing Zones to Streaming Xebia Base brings you a suite of tailored-to-fit platforms you can easily integrate with your data or cloud infrastructures in a matter of days.

Cloud Landing Zone

Secure and compliant foundation for your organization to build and deploy cloud-based workloads and applications.

Cloud Data Platform

A turn-key platform to support all data applications by combining proven, cutting edge cloud-native services with best-of-breed components.

MLOps Platform

A platform to bring Data Science and AI use cases into production with best practices and the lowest possible time to market.

GenAI Platform

A tailored platform to enhance your applications with Generative AI securely and maximising impact for your business.

Streaming Analytics Platform

A platform to transform your business and products with real-time insights, allowing you to make faster and better decisions. 

Fabric Platform

A turn-key platform that supports any data application by combining proven, cutting-edge cloud-native services with best-of-breed components built on top of Microsoft Fabric.

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Battle-tested technology for your business

Building scalable and cost-effective platforms doesn't come without challenges. This is how Base addresses them:

Reducing deployment time from months to weeks

Building or modernizing a high-quality data platform takes time and effort. Xebia Base adaptable templates help you get there in a matter of days or weeks, bringing you business value sooner

Bringing you the right expertise

Companies often lack the experience to build, maintain, and scale a complex data platform, leading to suboptimal solutions. Xebia consultants have implemented Base in more than 30 large companies and will share their experience with you every step of the way to deploy and maintain your solution.

Avoiding the risk of non-compliance

Without proper security protocols and compliance checks, there’s a high risk of data breaches, which could result in financial penalties and reputational damage. Xebia Base platforms have been tested extensively and protect you from costly mistakes.  

Scaling your data infrastructure

A newly built platform may handle a few use cases well but struggle to support an entire organization’s project load. Xebia Base platforms have been battle-tested across different industries and are prepared to scale with complex requirements

Incorporating new functionalities

An average platform may handle simple processes, like reporting or BI, but more ambitious functionalities like Machine Learning are often beyond its capabilities. Xebia Base’s modular approach allows you to build upon other components to implement functionalities such as Machine Learning or real-time streaming.

Maintaining high quality and reliability

Without proper quality control, bugs affect the quality and availability of products, which in turn impact decision making and customer satisfaction. The high quality of Xebia Base’s templates saves you time and headaches.

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Tailored-to-Fit cloud platforms to support all your data and cloud applications

Our tailored-to-fit platforms are built using proven components that support any cloud or data application, from serverless to custom AI-infused products. The Xebia Base platforms are designed and developed based on our decades of experience with the implementation of scalable infrastructure for the enterprise. A Xebia Base platform is quick to implement and integrates with your existing infrastructure seamlessly, while retaining the ability to overcome your challenges.

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Our Partners

  • Databricks - Data and AI
  • Snowflake - Data and AI
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Depending on the data, AI, and Cloud maturity of your organization, you might need one of the different platforms from Xebia. From the popular Cloud and Data Foundations to the more advanced streaming analytics, MLOps, and GenAI platforms, we got you covered all along the way.


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The Anatomy of Xebia Base

Xebia Base’s robustness comes from the following components:

  • Blueprints of Data platform architecture with default technology choices to solve common challenges when centralizing data, from data management to access control to quality. The blueprints are tailored to each of the cloud providers: GCP, AWS and Azure. We also implement Databricks and Snowflake platforms, both deployable to the cloud provider of your choice.
  • Accelerators to implement and maintain the platform on the customer account. Xebia Base provides robust infrastructure as code and structured data project templates. Its value-adding components speed up the implementation of the platform as well as multiple data projects on it.
  • Managed Services. Xebia Base can provide long-term platform support for the customer, assuring uptime, necessary performance while scaling up, as well as further upgrades.  
  • Expert-led Trainings on how to leverage the platform across the whole organization and how to efficiently implement use cases on it.