Accelerate DevOps with GitHub

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A practical guide to the science of software delivery performance that brings your DevOps and DevSecOps game to the next level – leveraging the power of the GitHub toolset.

Key Features

  • Release software faster and with confidence
  • Be more productive and spend more time on software delivery and less on fixing bugs or doing administrative tasks
  • Deliver high-quality software that is more stable, scalable, and secure

Book Description

This book is a practical guide to DevOps. It helps teams that are already on their DevOps journey to further advance into DevOps and speed up their software delivery performance by providing simple solutions to common problems. It will help teams to find the right metrics to measure their success and learn from other success stories without just copying what these teams have done themselves. The book uses GitHub as the DevOps platform and shows how you can leverage the power of GitHub for collaboration, lean management, and secure and fast software delivery.

By the end of this book, readers will understand what factors influence software delivery performance and how they can measure their own capabilities. They will therefore realize where they stand on their journey and how they can move forward. Equipped with simple solutions for common problems, they will understand how they can leverage the power of GitHub to accelerate: by making work visible with GitHub Projects, measuring the right metrics with GitHub insights, using solid and proven engineering practices with GitHub Actions and Advanced Security, and moving to an event-based and loosely coupled software architecture.

What you will learn

  • Measure software delivery performance
  • Adopt DevOps and lean management techniques in your teams
  • Plan, track, and visualize your work using GitHub Issues and Projects
  • Use continuous delivery with GitHub Actions and Packages
  • Scale quality through testing in production and chaos engineering
  • “Shift left” security and secure your entire software supply chain
  • Use DevSecOps practices with GitHub Advanced Security
  • Secure your code with code scanning, secret scanning, and Dependabot

Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers, solution architects, DevOps Engineers, and SREs as well as for engineering or product managers who want to enhance their software delivery performance. They may be new to DevOps or already have experience but struggle to achieve maximum performance. They may already have experience with GitHub Enterprise or come from a platform such as Azure DevOps, Team Foundation Server, GitLab, Bitbucket, Puppet, Chef, or Jenkins.

Table of Contents

  1. Metrics that matter 
  2. Plan, track, and visualize your work 
  3. Teamwork and collaborative development 
  4. Asynchronous work: collaborate from anywhere 
  5. Influence of open and inner source on software delivery performance 
  6. Automation with GitHub Actions 
  7. Running your workflows 
  8. Managing dependencies using GitHub Packages 
  9. Deploy to Any Platform
  10. FeatureFlags and the feature lifecycle 
  11. Trunk-based development 
  12. Shift left testing for increased quality 
  13. Shift left security and DevSecOps 
  14. Securing your code 
  15. Securing your deployments 
  16. Loosely coupled architecture and microservices 
  17. Empower your teams 
  18. Lean product development and lean startup
  19. Experimentation and A|B-Testing with GitHub 
  20. GitHub: the Home for All Developers 
  21. Migration from Diverse Platforms to GitHub 
  22. Organize your teams 
  23. Transform your enterprise
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