Building Data Pipelines in Apache Airflow

by Julian de Ruiter & Bas Harenslak



If you need an efficient data pipeline there is no better tool than Apache Airflow. The book Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow will teach you how to simplify and automate data pipelines, reduce operational overhead, and smoothly integrate all the technologies in your stack

Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow

Our experienced data engineers Bas Harenslak and Julian de Ruiter explain you how to use Apache Airflow to create efficient and automated pipelines. They use their consulting experience from companies like Heineken, Unilever and to present relevant use cases and applications.

You will find the following content in the book:

  • Framework foundation and best practices
  • Airflow’s execution and dependency system
  • Testing Airflow DAGs
  • Running Airflow in production

Who is the book for?

Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow is perfect for:

  • Data Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Developers with data experience
  • System Administrators with Python Experience

Available now!

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