Which Agile Organizational Model or Framework to use? Use them all!

30 Jan, 2016
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Many organizations are reinventing themselves as we speak.  One of the most difficult questions to answer is: which agile organizational model or framework do we use? SAFe? Holacracy? LeSS? Spotify?

Based on my experience on all these models, my answer is: just use as many agile models and frameworks you can get your hands on.  Not by choosing one of them specifically, but by experimenting with elements of all these models the agile way: Inspect, Learn and Adapt continuously.
For example, you could use Spotify’s tribe-structure, Holacracy’s consent- and role principles and SAFe’s Release Trains in your new agile organization. But most important: experiment towards your own “custom made” agile organizational building blocks.  And remember: taking on the Agile Mindset is 80% of the job, only 20% is implementing this agile "organization".
Probably the worst thing you can do is just copy-paste an existing model.  You will inherit the same rigid situation you just wanted to prevent by implementing a scaled, agile organizational model.
Finally, the main ingredient of this agile recipe is trust.  You have to trust your colleagues and this new born agile organization in being anti-fragile and self-correcting just right from the start.  These principles are the same as successful agile organizations you probably admire, depend on.


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