NEW scrum process overview

23 May, 2012

Some of you may know that I like to add drawings to support my posts.
This time the drawing itself is the subject of the post and you can actually use it. So please take a look at it and put it to use as you see fit. If you like it (or hate it…) or if you want to share your experiences using it please leave a comment.
You can download it here (PDF):
Xebia Scrum Process Overview
Or copy it from here

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Ole Jepsen
10 years ago

Very sweet and “smiling” overview. I specially like, that you have PEOPLE in the picture!!

10 years ago

Nice Daniel! Make one for Kanban as well 🙂

10 years ago

Hi Daniel,
Grappige plaat hoor. Goed dat je Ready en Done opneemt. En ook top dat backlog grooming zo prominent aanwezig is. Maakt nu veel duidelijker dat je dat samen gedurende een sprint moet doen. Het poppetje in de retrospective zou ik persoonlijk vervangen door team, po en scrum master. Als dat past natuurlijk 😉
Is er een reden waarom je afwijkt van de Scrum guide betreffende de Sprint Review? Je hebt over Demo, maar dat is maar een klein onderdeel van de Sprint Review. Het met stakeholders naar de backlog en volgende sprint kijken is m.i. net zo belangrijk.

10 years ago

This is really nice and colorful SCRUM chart. Really liked that you captured the Impediment board also.

10 years ago

I have one question about agile methodology:
is it a lazy project management as we start our requirement process slow or not much worry about the to think about the requirements at the starting of project.. as compare to others…

Marco Rijkhoff
3 years ago

Thanks that you have marked this free for use, I will be using this version in the presentation for our company in our journey for an Agile HR.

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