#RemoteFirst Innovation Day in the U.S

31 Mar, 2023
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This week Xpirit USA had their first innovation day showing off their remote first culture.

This was the group’s first time focusing an entire working day on innovating and it was the first full remote innovation day worldwide.

The diligent planning was felt throughout the day as all details from the goodies, kick off presentation, to each session was epic.

As a remote first company our Senior Operations Specialist, Trish Roberts, thought that we should highlight a team member and turned that into a fun and lively theme. The group received Oregon themed goodie boxes and learned more about our Cloud Solutions Artchitect, Staurt Celarier.

Some sessions focused on hands on interaction. While others were filled with enthusiastic conversation and planning for the epic future of Xpirit USA.

All U.S team members had the choice of joining eight different calls filled with valuable ideas, conversation and tools. Sessions ranged from creating a device that triggers a team wide celebration all at the same time, to value mapping sales processes and so much more.

Overall, throughout the day we created processes that save time, reduce pain points and are more sustainable as we grow. Many team members aligned on strategies for growth and creating useful tools to continue to drive success.

My favorite part of the day was what we called demos. Hearing everyone’s feedback and learning what sessions I didn’t attend accomplished was the perfect end to a day filled with innovation

Being #RemoteFirst means we can still #DoEpicShit as a team, we just do it from anywhere.

Xpirit’s first full remote innovation day and the first innovation day in the U.S was nothing short of Epic. Looking forward to more quarterly innovation days!

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