PuppetConf 2012 Certification Day

27 Sep, 2012
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Today was certification day at PuppetConf 2012.
After a nice walk along the bay shore we reported at the Puppet Certificattion Desk in the Mission Bay Conference Centre in San Francisco. Since this was the first time the exams took place we were not quite sure what to expect. Would the exam be a walk in the park or would they make us work for our certification? It turned out to be a challenging exam. A variety of subjects – 9 in total – were included in the exam. We were well prepared for all these different subjects and all three of us (Erwin, Levent and myself) passed the exam! From now on we are entitled to call ourselves Puppet Certified Professionals!
Now it is time to relax and enjoy all the inspiring talks that will take place the next two days at Puppetconf 2012.

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