satRday Amsterdam 2018

19 Nov, 2018
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Amsterdam’s first satRday conference was gReat. From August 31th till September 2nd, the satRday Amsterdam 2018 took place. Three days of the event started with Workshops at Uber, followed by the conference day, hosted by GoDataDriven, and finally an open-source day.

Over 100 R enthusiasts registered for these events and during the weekend we’ve enjoyed new insights, thoughtful reviews and of course the R jokes!


Aftermovie satRdays 2018:

The presentations and recordings are available, subscribe for the complete playlist on satRdays Youtube channel.

Mara Averick, from RStudio, gave an inspiring keynote and funny remarks in R with – That’s not [data] science!
The topics covered at the conference sessions, included:

  1. Regular Expressions in R
  2. DBI: Recent developments in R’s database interface
  3. Exploring NSE and tidyeval
  4. Smart Charging, Sustainability, Pricing and Data
  5. 50 ways to show your data
  6. Using R Markdown to create individual reports
  7. Getting more out of dplyr
  8. Generating missing values with R-function ampute
  9. Million Dollar Baseball Decisions with R/H2o AutoML/Shiny
  10. Solving sudoku’s with Rcpp
  11. Hobby projects with the text2vec package
  12. ROC curves are unfit to assess business value


Thanks to the sponsors, attendees, speakers and R committee it was a pleasure hosting the first edition of satRday Amsterdam 2018.

satRdays are community-led, regional conferences to support collaboration, networking, and innovation within the R community. There’s a fantastic R community in Amsterdam and we look forward to inspiring R talks, or contribute to more sharing knowledge sessions & experiences at satRday Amsterdam in 2019 and will keep you posted!


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