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09 Jul, 2018
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What challenges do data-driven organizations face? What are the most popular technologies and providers? How do organizations in various countries implement data applications? Participate in Data Survey 2018, the largest market research on the use of data provides answers to these questions and insight into global developments when it comes to the use of data.

Participate now in Data Survey 2018

This fourth edition of the Data Survey is an initiative by trade show Big Data Expo and the data consultants of GoDataDriven in co-creation with Computable and social influencer Ronald van Loon.

Data Survey initiators

“Machine learning and artificial intelligence are developing at an unprecedented pace. With Data Survey 2018, we gauge worldwide developments and create a benchmark of the current state of affairs,” explained social influencer Ronald van Loon.

Data Survey 2018


In 2017, the gathering of knowledge in the field of big data and data science was the main challenge. In practice, respondents were of the opinion that there was too little time for experimentation. The demand for continued support from management remained high. Looking at 2018, will it once again be the smaller organizations of up to 100 employees that experience fewer challenges?

Data-driven culture

Most data scientists look for opportunities to develop their knowledge further. For organizations, this means the corporate culture must be geared towards this. But how does one do this, exactly? Data Survey provides insight into organisational success factors.

“A data-driven approach is not just about data and technology. In previous years, support from management in particular proved to be a crucial success factor. We’re interested to see whether this is still the case,” said Walter van der Scheer, co-initiator of Data Survey.


What is cloud usage like in 2018? Richelle Schreurs, marketing manager at Big Data Expo, explained: “We’re seeing an increasing number of organizations engage with cloud technology. One of the benefits of the cloud is the relative ease with which companies can get started with the latest technological innovation. Data Survey will be determining the current pioneers in the field.”


In addition to insight into data strategy and technology, this year’s Data Survey will also include an overview of the top 50 best-known data parties, also known as the Data-50.

“This year, Computable celebrates its 50-year anniversary. That’s why, this year, we’ll also be identifying the most popular parties in a multitude of technological disciplines, such as cloud providers, data technologies and data visualization parties,” said Sander Hulsman, editor in chief of Computable.

Participate and win

Participation in the Data Survey 2018 only takes 5 minutes of your time. Participants will receive the final results and analyses for free. Furthermore, participants are eligible for great prizes, including a Tello Drone, VIP tickets for Big Data Expo and a Google Chromecast. Participate in Data Survey 2018!

Data Survey 2018


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