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01 Jun, 2023
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Finding the benefits of accepting a remote first position is easy.

Remote work makes having a work life balance easier. Allows you to create your own creative workspace. Offers more flexibility in your day to day and let’s face it more time to sleep, make breakfast and enjoy your morning. No more packing lunches or sitting in traffic.

It is no surprise that in a December 2022 article Forbes published, “87% of respondents stated that remote work options improved their overall work-life balance.”

The pandemic taught us many things including that working from home doesn’t come without challenges. However, it also taught us that we are resilient and top tier talent can be just that from anywhere.

The key for Xebia| Xpirit US is that it’s not just a job it’s a culture.

The team embodies remote work. We don’t shy away from video calls or sending a chat. I honestly, have never used e-mail less. We thrive off Team channels whereas a group we share everything from ideas and questions to pet pictures and life updates.

I may be biased as I have fully embraced the culture. I have enjoyed taking every opportunity to chat and meet in person with my team. It might sound crazy to some, but this team wants to know you, we want to hear about your weekends, your families, or vacations.

How do we have such a great team and full remote culture?

I would credit that to our leaders. They have full faith in us from day one to be successful here.

A Microsoft study revealed that only 12% of leaders have full confidence their team is being productive in a remote or hybrid work structure. You won’t find that lack of faith here. From putting you in touch with courses that can help you receive accreditations to help your career, to taking your ideas one step further, our leaders have created a fostered culture where together we can drive change.



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