React Day Berlin Conference and the City’s Winter Charm

20 Feb, 2023
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I recently had the opportunity to visit Berlin and attend the React Day Berlin conference. As a software developer (and also Xebia for its great support 😉), I was excited to learn more about the latest developments in the React ecosystem, and the conference did not disappoint.

The speakers were knowledgeable and shared a lot of deep technical information that I found very useful.

Arriving at the event I saw a long queue and because the weather it was a bit tricky to stand outside waiting my time to get into the building and get the credentials. On the left side the sponsors and on the right side the very rumble coffee and tea bottles.

react day berlin hosts

The communication of the event was astonishing, not only because of the large number of banners and customized arts, but also because of the quality of their designs and colours.

It was mentioned by one of the organizers that in that events they had around 500 people and that was mostly noticeable because the size of the building was not too big and created that vibe that the event was crowded.

Live-streaming was also present, with one of the hosts speaking to the camera and interacting with the people and guests.

But the conference was not the only highlight of my trip to Berlin.

I was also struck by the city’s charm in the winter. The snow added a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere to the streets and buildings. I loved exploring the city on foot and taking in the sights and sounds of winter.

skyline berlin

One of the places I visited was the Brandenburg Gate, which is one of the most iconic landmarks in Berlin. It was fascinating to learn about its history and see it in person.

Brandenburg Gate

I also enjoyed visiting the Berlin Wall Memorial, which is a powerful reminder of the city’s past, the events that shaped its history and of course the checkpoint Charlie.

checkpoint charlie

Another highlight of my trip was the food. Berlin has a diverse culinary scene, and I had the opportunity to try a variety of delicious dishes. I particularly enjoyed the currywurst, which is a popular street food in the city. I also had some tasty German wine, which was the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day.

Christmas market berlin

Overall, I had a remarkable time in Berlin and I would definitely go back. The conference was informative and the city was beautiful. I can’t wait to visit again and explore more of what Berlin has to offer.

Hernani Fernandes
Senior Frontend Engineer - Work hard, play hard

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