Pin Chat Messages in Google Meet

15 Apr, 2024
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Until now, chat messages in the Google Meet chat panel were only visible for those actually joining at the moment the chat message was sent. For us, that was sometimes frustrating, especially when hosting large meetings or webinars where we share a link that all participants should see.

From now on, you can pin messages to the top of the meeting chat. Pinned messages will appear for all users, even if they join the meeting after the message was initially sent. This makes it easy to ensure that important messages – as mentioned above – are displayed prominently and easily accessible by meeting participants.


Have you already tried to pin a message? It’s super easy and super convenient!

Jonas Aerts
Jonas is passionate about simplifying the world. Getting things done is what he lives by and making it fun along the way is his daily goal. Jonas strives to offer an easier, better manageable, safer, more flexible Cloud-First Workplace and sees Google as an integral part of that mission. When not working, Jonas takes care of his daughter or looks up football news, his guilty pleasure. He loves to learn about different cultures, languages and opinions and likes to challenge the way he perceives the world. Therefore: travel is a priority in his life!

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