Introducing Our New Blog Series: Holistic Horizons – Redefining Software Success

15 Feb, 2024
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In the dynamic realm of software development, success isn’t solely about constructing impeccable code. It’s about grasping the process flow that wraps around the entire software-business domain – a domain that holds many more challenges than what traditional “developmental problems” confine.


Why dive into Holistic Horizons?

Working in the software domain is no easy feat. Each day brings its unique set of challenges and compromises. But what if many of these challenges aren’t unique to just your business but are patterns observed across the industry? We hope that by reading these series, you’ll be able to recognize familiar patterns and relate them to what is happening with your business, gain actionable insights that you can apply to your day-to-day work and finally, be inspired to drive change in your organization.


In our new series, Holistic Horizons, we will:

  • Highlight the challenges that we often see in the software business domain.
  • Demystify the myth of the “silver bullet” in software solutions.
  • Advocate for the game-changing power of a holistic perspective in software delivery and development.

What’s on the Horizon?

  1. The Shift Beyond the Hype: Transitioning from Vanity Metrics to Authentic Business Objectives” by Kateryna Zhuzha.
  2. The software delivery tool trap” by Tariq Ettaji.
  3. The three forms of CI / CD” by Dave van Stein.
  4. Do I really need another tool” by Adnan Alshar.
  5. The Cost Paradox of the Cloud” by Albert Starreveld.
  6. Value Stream Mapping for earlier confidence” by Lennart Tange.
  7. I’m thinking about developer productivity” by Jochum Börger.
  8. API Security is more than testing” by Yianna Paris.
  9. Mending the Rift between Business Stakeholders and Development Teams” by Dmitry Litosh.
  10. Insights from your JIRA data to help improve your team” by Lennart Tange

At Xebia-Quality, our mission is to empower companies to deliver quality software. We do this by embedding ourselves directly with teams, challenging their technology choices, advocating for process enhancements, and fostering collaboration across the organization.

Stay tuned to Xebia-Quality’s Holistic Horizons series for weekly insights, as we unravel the intricacies of software success together.

Dmitry Litosh
Experienced professional in both technical and managerial functions, focused on helping companies to address digital issues, surrounding processes, infrastructure and make decisions on how to improve their software development pipeline on all stages from boardroom to deployment.

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