Infographic: Fifteen Big Data insights to help you boost your data driven operations in 2016

19 Jan, 2016
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At the end of 2015 GoDataDriven published the report of Big Data Survey, the first national research in The Netherlands about the use of data within organizations. The results of the survey have now been combined into one infographic to help you boost your data driven operation in 2016.

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The number of organizations that have included Big Data as a part of their overall strategy greatly outnumbers the organisations that currently see no place for Big Data in their strategy. After making data a strategic focal point, the next step is to get the organization ready to start using data and work in an agile way. What do find organizations most difficult and what is the current knowledge level?

The struggles of becoming data driven

GoDataDriven also found that most companies are struggling most with making data available and realizing sufficient time to experiment. Experimentation is crucial, but often organizations lack the structure to allow experimentation and an agile working way. As not many businesses are able to bring their models into production, only 8% of organizations points out the optimization of their predictive model as biggest challenge.

If organizations would go to data school…

If organizations would go to data school, they expect to get a 6 as a grade, enough to pass, but nothing that distinguishes an organization from its competitors. It is time for organizations to receive some tutoring. Data is a key competence and A grades in this field are a good investment that will provide competitive advantage in the years to come.

Data from CRM and website are most commonly used, but it is expected that in 2016 more companies will start benefitting from the use of data from video, audio and images.

At the end of 2018 40% of organizations expect that they will be using advanced methods like deep learning, artificial intelligence and predictive models.

View all the key take-aways from Big Data Survey in this comprehensive infographic:

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Infographic Big Data Survey

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