From Duet AI to Gemini

16 Apr, 2024
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As everyone has probably noticed in the news, Duet AI, Google’s collaborative AI tool for the Workspace software suite, has recently been renamed Gemini for Workspace.

As part of this update, Gemini is being integrated into the Workspace apps. Gemini for Workspace will offer a standalone experience allowing users to chat with Gemini while providing enterprise-level data protection.

In this way, Gemini can be securely utilized within organizations with the confidence that interactions with Gemini can be kept private. With Gemini for Workspace, your data will not be used to train models or used outside your Workspace domain.

Whether it’s exploring or summarizing data, searching for business trends in complex datasets, or crafting compelling texts, Gemini can assist individuals and teams in swiftly and accurately moving work from concept to execution.

With the name change to Gemini for Workspace, two variants have also been introduced:

  • Gemini Enterprise (formerly Duet AI for Google Workspace)
  • Gemini Business

A significant difference between these two versions of Gemini is the number of actions per month that you can utilize. Gemini Business has a limit of 1000 actions per month. An action is a query to Gemini or refinement of a query. For example, “Write an email for my boss to collaborate on a business case.” This counts as 1 action. If you refine it later to, “Write an email for my boss to collaborate on a business case for a major client who has been with us for years,” it counts as a new action.

Another difference lies in the rollout of the latest AI functionalities that Google will add to Gemini. While not certain, it’s likely these innovations will be added to the Enterprise license and not the Business license.

If you’re unsure which license is best for you, you can also opt for a mix. As it’s an add-on, you can purchase Business for some users and Enterprise for others. This way, you can determine which features will differentiate between these licenses.

Currently, Gemini for Workspace is only available in English. Expectations are that it will also be available in Dutch in the coming months. This is important for the Dutch market as all data in mail and drive will primarily be in Dutch.

If you want to know how Gemini can add value to your organization or what the differences are between Gemini Enterprise and Business, please contact us at

Ernst-Jan van Gils
From his role as a change consultant, Ernst-Jan likes to help individuals and teams with the cloud-first workplace. Human change in IT projects is often underestimated. It is not the organization that changes, but the people in the organization that change. It is therefore important to optimally support the people in the organization in change processes.

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