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08 Sep, 2015
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Professionals are invited to participate in Big Data Survey, the first national research about the current state of Big Data in The Netherlands, performed by trade show Big Data Expo and Big Data specialist Xebia.

Big Data Survey

The objective of the research is to create an overall view of Big Data adoption, plans and potential pitfalls. Participants do not only receive the survey results, but are also eligible to win great prizes.

Big Data

Various studies point out that there is a direct cause between applying Big Data and substantial profit gains. There is no need to discuss the added value of Big Data and making smarter use of data in general. Of course, starting with the implementation of a Big Data strategy and building up expertise asks for an investment up front, but when implemented in the right way, the return on investment will be substantial. It is not the question if, but how, companies can make smarter use of their data.

Understanding the role of Big Data for businesses

Big Data Survey provides an insight in the

  • current role of Big Data in the board room
  • general opinion about consumer privacy
  • ethics of data collection
  • value of data as the currency of the future

We also take a look at the more practical side of Big Data: what is the general level of knowledge and what are the biggest challenges when becoming a data-driven enterprise? And finally, the research provides an insight in business processes and purposes of Big Data as well.


You can participate (anonymously) via Participants that leave their email address will receive the survey report in their mailbox and are eligible to win interesting prizes, including an iPad Mini, gift vouchers and VIP treatments during Big Data Expo.

The results of the research will be presented during the Big Data Expo on September 30th and October 1st 2015.

Big Data Survey


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