Tidy your Text Document with new Table Positioning in Google Workspace

12 Jul, 2023
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New Options for Positioning Tables in Text Documents

Google Workspace introduces enhanced options for positioning tables and text in Google Docs. You will now be able to:

  • Drag and drop tables within a document, placing them exactly where you want.
  • Position text around a table on a page, specifying alignment (left, right, center) and margin of the surrounding text.
  • Set a fixed position for a table on a page.
  • Apply quick layouts to instantly position a table to a pre-defined location on a page.

Additionally, Google improved the import/export of Microsoft Word documents with tables to ensure better consistency in the documents.

New options for table positioning in Google Workspace


To make use of this new functionality, choose Table Properties.

So now, struggling with placing tables in a text document is a thing of the past!

Ernst-Jan van Gils
From his role as a change consultant, Ernst-Jan likes to help individuals and teams with the cloud-first workplace. Human change in IT projects is often underestimated. It is not the organization that changes, but the people in the organization that change. It is therefore important to optimally support the people in the organization in change processes.

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