Cloud News – May 2021

25 May, 2021
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We have read and selected a few articles and other resources about the latest developments around cloud technology so you don’t have to. Read further and keep yourself up-to-date in five minutes!

6 database trends to watch

In a data-driven, global, always-on world, databases are the engines that let businesses innovate and transform. As databases get more sophisticated and more organizations look for managed database services to handle infrastructure needs, there are a few key trends we’re seeing.

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How does Anthos simplify hybrid & multicloud deployments?

Most enterprises have applications in disparate locations—in their own data centers, in multiple public clouds, and at the edge. These apps run on different proprietary technology stacks, which reduces developer velocity, wastes computing resources, and hinders scalability. How can you consistently secure and operate existing apps, while developing and deploying new apps across hybrid and multicloud environments? How can you get centralized visibility and management of the resources? Well, that is why Anthos exists!

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Automate your budgeting with the Billing Budgets API

Budgets are ideal for visibility into your costs but they can become tedious to manually update. Using the Billing Budgets API you can automate updates and changes with your custom business logic.

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Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Integrates with AWS Lambda

You can now invoke Lambda functions from stored procedures and user-defined functions inside your PostgreSQL database using the aws_lambda PostgreSQL extension provided with RDS for PostgreSQL. You can choose to execute the lambda synchronously or asynchronously. Also you get access to the execution log, the error and the returned result for further processing. This probably also means you can call Lambda function from triggers on tables to respond to data changes!

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AWS SAM CLI now supports AWS CDK applications (public preview)

Some features of SAM now become available for CDK developers. Local testing before synthesizing of Lambda functions and API endpoints. And building your Lambda resources into deployable zip files. All this while still being able to use the CDK CLI for creating, modifying, and deploying CDK applications.

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AWS CloudFront Functions

It is now possible to manipulate requests (viewer request and viewer response) with new CloudFront Functions. These are Javascript functions that execute within 1 millisecond on the outer edge locations (218 in stead of 13!). You can’t do really crazy stuff, most suitable for header manipulations, redirects, url rewrites and token validations. The cost of using functions is 1/6 of the Lambda@Edge price!

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Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling introduces Warm Pools

You can now keep some pre-initialized stopped instances handy to quickly start them when autoscaling needs them. This is much cheaper then keeping live instances ready. Starting these pre-initialized is then a matter of 10s of seconds in stead of minutes.

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Luca Cavallin
Luca is a Software Engineer and Trainer with full-stack experience ranging from distributed systems to cross-platform apps. He is currently interested in building modern, serverless solutions on Google Cloud using Golang, Rust and React and leveraging SRE and Agile practices. Luca holds 3 Google Cloud certifications, he is part of the Google Developers Experts community and he is the co-organizer of the Google Cloud User Group that holds with Google.

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